Hi, I’m here to relate with you

You and I

I write to purge myself of emotions that no longer serve me. I figure there are people out there who need to do the same.

I post a new poem everyday. I aim to build self confidence in myself and others. Just because we need to heal doesn’t mean we are completely broken.

Why do this?

I’m not some great writer. I’m not some great wise prophet. I’m human but I’m enough.

Life is short and the planet is burning up. There is too little time to be caught up in emotions and feelings that make us feel worse everyday. So why not get rid of them.

We are meant to heal and move on. We are meant to be happy. So let’s put in effort where we will get guaranteed result.

I hope to publish poems and essays that make people feel better no matter what situation they’re caught up in. We can smile no matter what. The world can be beautiful no matter what.

One rule, you might have to follow is that I don’t accept negative energy. I aim to build a safe space and provide safe space to those who need it. Empathy and positivity is what I’m manifesting. I’ll go ahead and assume that’s what you want to manifest as well.

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