Oh! How would they?


Two years a penny fair,

life starts and ends there.

What if I wasn’t here?

Is there a place that’d be better?

Porcelain skin with honey tongue,

now feels they’re simple vampires.

Do they mean to be this way?

I know not, will they let me devour?

Oh how would they, pale blooded,

they haven’t much to give.

What can I do?

I’m so drawn to their hurts and feels.

I gave up my cups so easily,

I got stale bread in return.

I ate it with no complaints

since I know I deserve more not less.

I shan’t accept everything thrown

at me with full force.

It’s easy to swerve and defect.

I’ve learned the mess of the land

Not an apprentice anymore,

I’m going to top this trade.

Published by bluebellswisdom

I write. I paint. I dance. I stay sorted.

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