Have been what’s expected of me

I’ve always done what’s expected of me

so who are you to tell me what’s right?

I’m aware that I can step out of line.

This beast has remained content in her cage

for however long she was kept

but this cub’s grown now, her cage is too small

for her to breathe in now.

I’m willing to hunt in the wild,

where danger roams free

but it is this thrill I seek.

Let me move into the energy of the

king, the empress that I’m supposed to be.

Don’t hold a candle to flame,

lest it burns you too.

If you’re ready to take the heat,

then you may come run feral with me.

But there’s reason snakes crawl

and barbaric lion run free.

So honey, practice caution with me,

this huntress doesn’t belong anymore.

I’m not an apprentice anymore.

She isn’t the frog that’ll keep you company.

I belong in the wild where danger roams free

as it is the only thrill I seek.

I bring in what’s mine

and lose what isn’t.

Crowned with pride I am.

Vigor so tall, I’m walking free

with nothing but sheer will

and strength gained by my time in

the prison of quicksand that held me

I’ve ran through tar,

I’ve fought with static.

You hold no power against me.

Published by bluebellswisdom

I write. I paint. I dance. I stay sorted.

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