Make it into a potion

Far away He’ll go, I’m aware.

He desires nothing else but victory.

My divine masculine is nothing but kingly.

I yearn to show and tell,

how lovely his abundance appears.

In front of my mind’s eye,

so beautiful and luscious.

Only he can conquer his fate,

this minor battle shall

be his knight in shining armor.

So he glides to his magnificent

future full of glamour and shine.

He shan’t lose contact with my element

and shall breathe my moon.

He may play with his fire and

rise to the waves of this verse.

Only to vanquish those who wish him ill.

All that is in front of him, may he leap above

and come out second to none.

Give him his all so he may flourish,

make him stand taller than all

those who stand beside him.

He will stand apart even when with

because he is my divine masculine.

I grant him his king status

so that the ultimate gree

of this minor battle be his,

and he may return home with it.

Published by bluebellswisdom

I write. I paint. I dance. I stay sorted.

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