There are many ways a person can handle situations in life. And since every individual is different, they all handle things differently. But there are three major ways people respond to stimuli. One way is to be a complete bull dozer and eradicate anything that is blocking your ascension. All of us have the ability to leave behind something that does not serve our highest good anymore. It is not as difficult as literature, movies and fantasies tell us that it might be. We have come in an age where leaving is considered failing. When rejection really is God’s protection. The second way, people handle things is healthier. Some people always speak their truth before they do something that will affect the other. Born with a larynx, humans are meant to communicate about what is and isn’t. Still, many people find it easier to leave a situation without uttering a syllable. I would argue, that every coin has two sides. So responses too cannot be predicted. No two same situations call for the same response. There are always multiple ways in which a conversation, fight, job or resignation can evolve into. Life has endless possibilities even for the ones who constrict themselves. Exploration of these ways of being is enlightening to the very core. For example, if you know that speaking your truth would be a waste of breath, then, by all means, leave. Silence does speak the loudest. But even in that situation, you can choose if you want to waste that breath or not. The biggest blessing we have is the ability to choose for ourselves. We can create our own completion and closure. So, use it to its fullest potential. The next way is, well, many people call it “going with the flow”. Water falling from height or flowing calmly in a river, knows when to divide in order get past an obstacle. Sometimes, in going with the flow, people tend to forget what’s an obstacle and what’s it blocking them from. They start taking what comes their way when they have the ability to serve and defect. If you can move, then why shouldn’t you? Such passivity can be useful when people are pushed into survival mode. But life is meant for you to thrive and flourish in. You don’t always have to be in survival mode to get past the stones life throws at you. Not all things are set in stone and rules subject to perception. So why should our actions conform to a law that isn’t even on paper. We are all slaves to our psyche. Evolving includes challenging oneself. And humans are built to last. One should believe in their power as an individual. You are your own person. You will always have yourself. This realization sets you free and makes you someone who has mastered the art of interaction. Now this interaction can be with yourself or with the outside world. Because not all stimuli stem from material world around us. So honey, wake up everyday and choose what you want, and how you want it. Choose what your crowning emotion of the day would be. Do it for your mental health or just for the sake of it. You know you’re able.

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I write. I paint. I dance. I stay sorted.

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