Moon wake

It has been a year

Since I’m mesmerized

And filled with an ecstatic nostalgia

Each time your reflection

is brighter and more tempting

Lady, your beauty is astounding

Each time I held my breath

Fooled I was as you

just filled my lungs with your air

This nymph-like beauty of yours

Has bewitched my soul

This avatar of yours

Cleanses my spirit of residual negatives

All my life I waited

For someone to hold me prisoner

I never knew it would be you

Who’d cast a spell upon my being

I’ve fallen but upwards

As if from hell to nirvana

I no longer feel called

To my duties on this earthly plane

I desire only to plant my feet

And admire this beauty

Of yours that adorns my sight

And elates my heart

Your power so heavenly

God sent, you earth angel

You make me question my reality

Touching you would be a deadly sin

For a pure bliss-like you

Should never be tainted

You’re precious beyond compare

These luscious strands you have

Burnt umber like, they beguile me

Your skin so radiant, it blinds me

This enchantment of yours

I can’t rid myself of nor do I desire to

Completely enraptured I just want

To admire you

You stand for eternal beauty

Woman, your being cured me

I want to bestow upon you

The pleasures of my fate

The happiness that was in my name

I’ve had my fill

There’s nothing more I require now

I’m complete beyond compare

Published by bluebellswisdom

I write. I paint. I dance. I stay sorted.

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