Oh, demolisher of my virginity and divinity! Where do you stand?

Be it soil, air or water

She’ll merge her

Mind, body and spirit

She’ll transmute and alchemise her pain

into something formidable

She’ll color your hands

If you pay attention to her

So touch her gently

Because she knows how to

Leave her marks behind

Born from a harrowing fire

So don’t trifle with her

She gives birth to massive phoenixes

Which know only to rise and devour

And spit out nothing but dust

She remains after fire recedes

She stays well after everyone

Allied with the five elements of Earth

It’s a blessing and a curse

She’ll carry your poison and her love

I’d think twice before battering

Fondling, vandalizing her divine self

She would always come back

To swallow and guzzle

Whatever it was that sent her blazing

And when she approaches

Your herculean strength would run for the hills

She’ll set your puny self aflame

Her divinity isn’t to be questioned

So now reap what you’ve sown

Even oblivion would tempt you

Over what you’ll endure

You’ll lose your mind, body and spirit

To the five element of earth

Your soulless self now weak and fragile

She’ll amble the happy fields of god

You shall stick with the fallen angels

Dante showed where we’ll find you

We’ll torment you from above

While you writhe in raw pain

You’ll scream for help as you’re cut,

Destroyed, battered, marred and boiled

Now enjoy the company of the

Self claimed “oh so powerful beings”

You’ll die a million deaths but never turn to heap

Published by bluebellswisdom

I write. I paint. I dance. I stay sorted.

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