I don’t know why they stare,

It’s not as if I

Lay my body bare.

Even if I did,

They don’t have a right

To judge what they see,

And touch what they see.

Because they hurt something

Deep inside of me

That no one can see.

So how dare they encroach

Upon my bubble,

It’s my space and refuge

How dare they write novels

On something they don’t know.

How do you imagine

And turn it into a false truth.

Just to ruin someone’s

Entire reality.

How can such a thing

Make someone feel better than?

When really it makes you

Lesser than everything.

How do you breathe this way?

Where is your moral compass?

Have you passed it up

For your two second of false joy

Or have you given it up?

So you can be comfortable

In your dark and gloomy life.

Words never die.

The frequencies reach the sky

Until they cannot bounce anymore.

So they stay stagnant

But they’re alive.

You’re here, I’m here.

They’re here, and

So are your words.

Between all of us

Words will outlive us.

So the universe shall remember

The poison you’ve spouted,

For no reason whatsoever.

It shall tilt to balance

Its scales and bring peace

Between the guilty and the victim.

So honey, you can’t escape,

Run for the hills, beg for mercy

For oblivion awaits us all.

So you’ll see what you get,

I’ll see what I get,

They’ll see what they get.

But you can’t hide now.

You picked your battles

You must fight now.

Fighting, as futile as it would be

For everyone gets what they deserve

So live, love and laugh

Till the scales align.

Then I’ll sit back and watch

But I won’t rejoice.

I’m at peace with myself

Unlike you and your blind followers

I picked my battles

But I’m not fighting you all.

Published by bluebellswisdom

I write. I paint. I dance. I stay sorted.

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