Everything is life is a choice. Whether you are making your choice consciously or sub-consciously. It’s still a choice. So choose wisely.

A lot of people believe that things are happening to them, as opposed to happening for them. I firmly believe that there are always two sides of a coin. And that’s a fact. But this fact too, goes both ways. Either you can have ten swords in your back, fall onto the cold, hard ground and stay there. Or you can get up with the swords still in your back and move forward. As you move forward, you would get rid of those swords one by one. The process is not easy and definitely isn’t a quick fix. Now we come to another fact, Rome was not built in a day or nothing ever good comes easy. This fact goes both ways too. You have to work hard to achieve your dreams and maintain yourself. So why not work hard when it comes to healing yourself. Aren’t the severed parts yours?

Another thing people say is that healing takes time. But if you healed fast would it be justice to the searing pain that you endured. The universe has to balance the scales. Newton said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when you were hurt so badly, cut so deeply; how do you expect yourself to heal easily? It would not be justice to the pain involved. And anyway, we’ve heard that pain demands to be felt. Healing takes time. So give it the time it needs, and the time you deserve.

Many say, that they don’t have the strength to get back up by themselves. No one said that you have to do it alone. The rules of healing are not set in stone. In fact, nothing ever is set in stone. It’s our imagination, customs, norms, values and beliefs that make us think that something is set in stone. So, ask for help. It’s hard to get out but extend your fingers. Someone will hold onto you. Something will hold onto you. After that, you just have to hold onto them. This life has endless possibilities to change. This life has endless courses to take. This life has amazing potential to evolve and bring happiness into itself. But you have to believe in it, so it can grow. We come across another saying here, I’ve heard that parents should believe in their little ones for them to make leaps and bounds of progress. Anything can make progress if you believe in it. So shower some appreciation onto your working lungs, kidneys and heart. Be grateful for this body as it has endured so much and is still standing. It’s the one thing you had since the start. It is going to stay till the very end too.

We come to our last saying for the day, being grateful and positive is the key to happiness and abundance. It plays a part in healing too. So give out positive affirmations into the universe and let yourself believe in them. Be grateful for what you have and appreciate the little things in life. Being happy starts with you and ends with you. Everyday you can choose to be sad or happy. It’s a choice. You can choose for yourself, if you want to be messy and zesty or work your ass off on something that’s important to you. Or you can be both and still be well withing your rights to be you. The key is you, no matter which lock you want to open. And every lock has a key.

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