Oh! How would they?


Two years a penny fair,

life starts and ends there.

What if I wasn’t here?

Is there a place that’d be better?

Porcelain skin with honey tongue,

now feels they’re simple vampires.

Do they mean to be this way?

I know not, will they let me devour?

Oh how would they, pale blooded,

they haven’t much to give.

What can I do?

I’m so drawn to their hurts and feels.

I gave up my cups so easily,

I got stale bread in return.

I ate it with no complaints

since I know I deserve more not less.

I shan’t accept everything thrown

at me with full force.

It’s easy to swerve and defect.

I’ve learned the messy of the land

Not an apprentice anymore,

I’m going to top this trade.



Have been what’s expected of me

I’ve always done what’s expected of me

so who are you to tell me what’s right?

I’m aware that I can step out of line.

This beast has remained content in her cage

for however long she was kept

but this cub’s grown now, her cage is too small

for her to breathe in now.

I’m willing to hunt in the wild,

where danger roams free

but it is this thrill I seek.

Let me move into the energy of the

king, the empress that I’m supposed to be.

Don’t hold a candle to flame,

lest it burns you too.

If you’re ready to take the heat,

then you may come run feral with me.

But there’s reason snakes crawl

and barbaric lion run free.

So honey, practice caution with me,

this huntress doesn’t belong anymore.

I’m not an apprentice anymore.

She isn’t the frog that’ll keep you company.

I belong in the wild where danger roams free

as it is the only thrill I seek.

I bring in what’s mine

and lose what isn’t.

Crowned with pride I am.

Vigor so tall, I’m walking free

with nothing but sheer will

and strength gained by my time in

the prison of quicksand that held me

I’ve ran through tar,

I’ve fought with static.

You hold no power against me.


Make it into a potion

Far away He’ll go, I’m aware.

He desires nothing else but victory.

My divine masculine is nothing but kingly.

I yearn to show and tell,

how lovely his abundance appears.

In front of my mind’s eye,

so beautiful and luscious.

Only he can conquer his fate,

this minor battle shall

be his knight in shining armor.

So he glides to his magnificent

future full of glamour and shine.

He shan’t lose contact with my element

and shall breathe my moon.

He may play with his fire and

rise to the waves of this verse.

Only to vanquish those who wish him ill.

All that is in front of him, may he leap above

and come out second to none.

Give him his all so he may flourish,

make him stand taller than all

those who stand beside him.

He will stand apart even when with

because he is my divine masculine.

I grant him his king status

so that the ultimate gree

of this minor battle be his,

and he may return home with it.



It slips off me,

Like velvety moss drip.

I open my eyes

To take in the sun.

In my ear, something rings,

With disheveled hair

Turning to the side,

My divine masculine sits.

Engrossed in tones and keys,

He plays a melody

On a fair maiden beauty

With his mind’s eye, he sees

Lands elusive and discreet.

If anyone has ever told

What an artist will play,

Then, they shall know

What my masculine sees.

For I know what he feels

Through the cold keys of

His fair maiden beauty.

Enchanting and breezy,

The melody being reason

To this redamancy

That I’m witnessing

This love he has for his white beauty,

He knows not, I know

Who stands above me.

But art is art in itself,

And holds you prisoner

In its sweet claws of peace and serenity.



There are many ways a person can handle situations in life. And since every individual is different, they all handle things differently. But there are three major ways people respond to stimuli. One way is to be a complete bull dozer and eradicate anything that is blocking your ascension. All of us have the ability to leave behind something that does not serve our highest good anymore. It is not as difficult as literature, movies and fantasies tell us that it might be. We have come in an age where leaving is considered failing. When rejection really is God’s protection. The second way, people handle things is healthier. Some people always speak their truth before they do something that will affect the other. Born with a larynx, humans are meant to communicate about what is and isn’t. Still, many people find it easier to leave a situation without uttering a syllable. I would argue, that every coin has two sides. So responses too cannot be predicted. No two same situations call for the same response. There are always multiple ways in which a conversation, fight, job or resignation can evolve into. Life has endless possibilities even for the ones who constrict themselves. Exploration of these ways of being is enlightening to the very core. For example, if you know that speaking your truth would be a waste of breath, then, by all means, leave. Silence does speak the loudest. But even in that situation, you can choose if you want to waste that breath or not. The biggest blessing we have is the ability to choose for ourselves. We can create our own completion and closure. So, use it to its fullest potential. The next way is, well, many people call it “going with the flow”. Water falling from height or flowing calmly in a river, knows when to divide in order get past an obstacle. Sometimes, in going with the flow, people tend to forget what’s an obstacle and what’s it blocking them from. They start taking what comes their way when they have the ability to serve and defect. If you can move, then why shouldn’t you? Such passivity can be useful when people are pushed into survival mode. But life is meant for you to thrive and flourish in. You don’t always have to be in survival mode to get past the stones life throws at you. Not all things are set in stone and rules subject to perception. So why should our actions conform to a law that isn’t even on paper. We are all slaves to our psyche. Evolving includes challenging oneself. And humans are built to last. One should believe in their power as an individual. You are your own person. You will always have yourself. This realization sets you free and makes you someone who has mastered the art of interaction. Now this interaction can be with yourself or with the outside world. Because not all stimuli stem from material world around us. So honey, wake up everyday and choose what you want, and how you want it. Choose what your crowning emotion of the day would be. Do it for your mental health or just for the sake of it. You know you’re able.


Moon wake

It has been a year

Since I’m mesmerized

And filled with an ecstatic nostalgia

Each time your reflection

is brighter and more tempting

Lady, your beauty is astounding

Each time I held my breath

Fooled I was as you

just filled my lungs with your air

This nymph-like beauty of yours

Has bewitched my soul

This avatar of yours

Cleanses my spirit of residual negatives

All my life I waited

For someone to hold me prisoner

I never knew it would be you

Who’d cast a spell upon my being

I’ve fallen but upwards

As if from hell to nirvana

I no longer feel called

To my duties on this earthly plane

I desire only to plant my feet

And admire this beauty

Of yours that adorns my sight

And elates my heart

Your power so heavenly

God sent, you earth angel

You make me question my reality

Touching you would be a deadly sin

For a pure bliss-like you

Should never be tainted

You’re precious beyond compare

These luscious strands you have

Burnt umber like, they beguile me

Your skin so radiant, it blinds me

This enchantment of yours

I can’t rid myself of nor do I desire to

Completely enraptured I just want

To admire you

You stand for eternal beauty

Woman, your being cured me

I want to bestow upon you

The pleasures of my fate

The happiness that was in my name

I’ve had my fill

There’s nothing more I require now

I’m complete beyond compare



What is it that you do

That you don’t have to?

What is it that you feel

That you dont have to?

Is it something you’re bound

To feel everyday?

Is it something you’re dammed

To feel everyday ?

Who decided your fate?

Was it you, the universe or that one?

Who decided your will?

Was it you, the universe or that one?

If it’s the universe

Then all’s well.

Or if it’s you

Then all’s well.

But if it’s that one,

Then you’ve gotta let it go

It hurts you in ways you don’t know,

Then you’ve gotta let it go.

You’ve got endless routes to evolve

From head to toe.

You’ve got all of you

From head to toe.

You can extend your hand for help.

Fear not, my friend!

They’ll take your tender hand with care.

Fear not, my friend!

You can light up your sky

And keep your head high.

You can glide through your clouds

With your head high.

If you found sapiens to be thieves,

Take a break, find haven in leaves.

The flora and fauna got your back,

Even if you found sapiens to be thieves.

You’re no one’s judge,

Not every man’s a con.

So release doubt when it’s necessary.

Not every man’s a con.

So take deep breaths,

Mumble okay to yourself.

Take long strides and climb high,

Mumble okay at every step.

You’re meant to be you

Unique and unapologetic.

For this life’s not a curse,

It’s your, unique and unapologetic.

So dream big, ladybug and fly!

No one can catch you.

They can watch all day long

But they can’t catch you.

Because no one has the authority to dim your light.


Oh, demolisher of my virginity and divinity! Where do you stand?

Be it soil, air or water

She’ll merge her

Mind, body and spirit

She’ll transmute and alchemise her pain

into something formidable

She’ll color your hands

If you pay attention to her

So touch her gently

Because she knows how to

Leave her marks behind

Born from a harrowing fire

So don’t trifle with her

She gives birth to massive phoenixes

Which know only to rise and devour

And spit out nothing but dust

She remains after fire recedes

She stays well after everyone

Allied with the five elements of Earth

It’s a blessing and a curse

She’ll carry your poison and her love

I’d think twice before battering

Fondling, vandalizing her divine self

She would always come back

To swallow and guzzle

Whatever it was that sent her blazing

And when she approaches

Your herculean strength would run for the hills

She’ll set your puny self aflame

Her divinity isn’t to be questioned

So now reap what you’ve sown

Even oblivion would tempt you

Over what you’ll endure

You’ll lose your mind, body and spirit

To the five element of earth

Your soulless self now weak and fragile

She’ll amble the happy fields of god

You shall stick with the fallen angels

Dante showed where we’ll find you

We’ll torment you from above

While you writhe in raw pain

You’ll scream for help as you’re cut,

Destroyed, battered, marred and boiled

Now enjoy the company of the

Self claimed “oh so powerful beings”

You’ll die a million deaths but never turn to heap



I don’t know why they stare,

It’s not as if I

Lay my body bare.

Even if I did,

They don’t have a right

To judge what they see,

And touch what they see.

Because they hurt something

Deep inside of me

That no one can see.

So how dare they encroach

Upon my bubble,

It’s my space and refuge

How dare they write novels

On something they don’t know.

How do you imagine

And turn it into a false truth.

Just to ruin someone’s

Entire reality.

How can such a thing

Make someone feel better than?

When really it makes you

Lesser than everything.

How do you breathe this way?

Where is your moral compass?

Have you passed it up

For your two second of false joy

Or have you given it up?

So you can be comfortable

In your dark and gloomy life.

Words never die.

The frequencies reach the sky

Until they cannot bounce anymore.

So they stay stagnant

But they’re alive.

You’re here, I’m here.

They’re here, and

So are your words.

Between all of us

Words will outlive us.

So the universe shall remember

The poison you’ve spouted,

For no reason whatsoever.

It shall tilt to balance

Its scales and bring peace

Between the guilty and the victim.

So honey, you can’t escape,

Run for the hills, beg for mercy

For oblivion awaits us all.

So you’ll see what you get,

I’ll see what I get,

They’ll see what they get.

But you can’t hide now.

You picked your battles

You must fight now.

Fighting, as futile as it would be

For everyone gets what they deserve

So live, love and laugh

Till the scales align.

Then I’ll sit back and watch

But I won’t rejoice.

I’m at peace with myself

Unlike you and your blind followers

I picked my battles

But I’m not fighting you all.


Everything is life is a choice. Whether you are making your choice consciously or sub-consciously. It’s still a choice. So choose wisely.

A lot of people believe that things are happening to them, as opposed to happening for them. I firmly believe that there are always two sides of a coin. And that’s a fact. But this fact too, goes both ways. Either you can have ten swords in your back, fall onto the cold, hard ground and stay there. Or you can get up with the swords still in your back and move forward. As you move forward, you would get rid of those swords one by one. The process is not easy and definitely isn’t a quick fix. Now we come to another fact, Rome was not built in a day or nothing ever good comes easy. This fact goes both ways too. You have to work hard to achieve your dreams and maintain yourself. So why not work hard when it comes to healing yourself. Aren’t the severed parts yours?

Another thing people say is that healing takes time. But if you healed fast would it be justice to the searing pain that you endured. The universe has to balance the scales. Newton said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when you were hurt so badly, cut so deeply; how do you expect yourself to heal easily? It would not be justice to the pain involved. And anyway, we’ve heard that pain demands to be felt. Healing takes time. So give it the time it needs, and the time you deserve.

Many say, that they don’t have the strength to get back up by themselves. No one said that you have to do it alone. The rules of healing are not set in stone. In fact, nothing ever is set in stone. It’s our imagination, customs, norms, values and beliefs that make us think that something is set in stone. So, ask for help. It’s hard to get out but extend your fingers. Someone will hold onto you. Something will hold onto you. After that, you just have to hold onto them. This life has endless possibilities to change. This life has endless courses to take. This life has amazing potential to evolve and bring happiness into itself. But you have to believe in it, so it can grow. We come across another saying here, I’ve heard that parents should believe in their little ones for them to make leaps and bounds of progress. Anything can make progress if you believe in it. So shower some appreciation onto your working lungs, kidneys and heart. Be grateful for this body as it has endured so much and is still standing. It’s the one thing you had since the start. It is going to stay till the very end too.

We come to our last saying for the day, being grateful and positive is the key to happiness and abundance. It plays a part in healing too. So give out positive affirmations into the universe and let yourself believe in them. Be grateful for what you have and appreciate the little things in life. Being happy starts with you and ends with you. Everyday you can choose to be sad or happy. It’s a choice. You can choose for yourself, if you want to be messy and zesty or work your ass off on something that’s important to you. Or you can be both and still be well withing your rights to be you. The key is you, no matter which lock you want to open. And every lock has a key.

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